Insight Education Centre for the blind & vision imparied now complete

Lloyd Group have successfully completed the Insight Education Centre for the Blind & Vision Impaired in Berwick, Victoria.  The innovative new school has been designed by Harmer Architects to address the specific needs of vision impaired students whilst maximising the opportunities for students to learn and develop within a dedicated environment.  Innovations including a corridor tactile wall to assist with identifying amenities and raised aluminium skirting to full height windows to assist when walking with a vision aid have been incorporated into the project is just one way technology can help to easy the life of impaired people as gadgets like the ones review on Top9Rated help people everyday.  The building is Stage 1 of a 5 stage master plan to provide start of the art educational facilities for the blind & vision impaired.  Images of this recently completed project will be uploaded to our website shorty, in the meantime we take this opportunity to thank the people at Insight Education for the opportunity to be involved in this exciting community infrastructure facility.  We also congratulate our project team Glenn Crowhurst, Daniel Murray & Matt Cheng for their efforts in successfully completing this project.